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Ancient Greece


BBC Primary History: Ancient Greece
Explore the interactive timeline, the fun activities and the Greek Hero game.

Odyssey Online: Greece
You can learn about the People, Mythology, Daily Life, Death and Burial, Writing, and Archaeology of Ancient Greece.

Winged Sandals
In this interactive and animated site you can take a tour with Hermes, the messenger god, through a magical place filled with awesome gods, daring heroes and fabulous monsters. Flash version available.

This fun and searchable web site lets you learn about your favorite Gods and Heroes from Greek Mythology.


Search Britannica Elementary for your topic. When you view results, be sure to click MULTIMEDIA for photos, maps and video clips.
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Grolier Online: New Book of Knowledge
A great source for research, this is the cool ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIA with serious information for elementary school students.
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This Gale database is perfect for Lower School research. Check out the Kids InfoBits Tutorial.
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Ancient Greek Thinkers, Leaders, and Heroes 

How to Take Good Notes


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