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Helping Your Child with Research

What can parents do?
A research paper can be overwhelming for students. The most important thing you can do as a parent is to make sure that your child is able to:

  • state clearly the central question or problem;
  • create and follow a timeline for the steps along the way; and
  • locate and ask for help whenever he/she needs it.

If you are reading this, your child has probably asked you for help. The resources listed here should provide some guidance, but please feel free to contact your child's teacher or a Fay School librarian.

Research Skills Scope & Sequence
Six standards used by Fay librarians and teachers to teach students essential, age-appropriate research skills. These standards were created by educators at seven independent schools in the Greater Boston area.

The Research Road
The Research Road, Fay School's own online tutorial, is a personal research assistant, ready to guide your child through any research project step by step. Here are links to specific topics:

1. Define Task

2. Locate Sources

  • Fay School Library Catalog - All the information you need about a book for your biblioraphy is in the Library Catalog.
  • Online Research Databases - You can use all of these at home. Students have the passwords in their planners. Passwords are also available at the library or from a librarian via email.

3. UNDERSTAND Information

  • Encouraging your child to do lots of background reading is one of the most important things you can do! Ask your child to tell you about the research. Only with a real understanding of the topic and issues will your child succeed.
  • Taking Notes from a Source

4. Organize

  • So You Think You Can CITE - Your citation questions are answered here! This publication is also available in booklet form at the library.
  • NoodleBib - NoodleBib is an online citation generator that helps you to create and edit bibliographies (works cited lists). NoodleBib takes care of punctuation and produces a polished source list that's correctly formatted and ready to print! Learn how to use NoodleBib.
  • Curious about Copyright? - Learn about copyright, fair use and plagiarism here.

5. Create & Present

6. Evaluate

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