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Is the Web Site Authoritative?

The Author

  • Are the author's name and credentials stated? Look for evidence that the information was written by experts.
  • Has the author cited his/her sources? Experts should list the sources they used.
  • Is there an email address for the author? (Look for a link marked CONTACT.)

The domain is a clue, but NOT the whole solution!

  • .edu - colleges, universities and some secondary schools BUT is there a ~ (tilde) in the URL? This indicates someone's personal web page, and it could be written by a student, not an expert.
  • .org - nonprofit organizations BUT you will need to look deeper to know if you'll find good information for your research. Hate groups can be nonprofit organizations!
  • .gov - government agencies, who gather huge amounts of information BUT be sure the information is current enough.
  • .com - commercial businesses BUT The New York Times and other news organizations are commerical web sites.

The Organization

  • Some organizations are well known for expertise in a particular field, like NASA for astronomy and space questions. If you are not familiar with the sponsoring organization, do some detective work to learn about them. Look for the ABOUT link.
  • Do reputable web sites link to this one? To find out which web sites link to Fay School, go to Google and type link:http://www.fayschool.org in the search box. Try this with the web site you're evaluating.

Fay School is not responsible for the content of external web sites.
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